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On life and reincarnation

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Channeling: het luisteren naar wat er aan Innerlijke Kennis opwelt in het Oog van het Geheim. Simpel gezegd: ga naar het membraan dat je scheidt van het NIets. Het zal zich uitdrukken en je zult het verstaan op jouw manier.

Het volgende welde op in 1996 en is voor mij nog steeds valide.

Friday 12th April 1996

I want to ask how the world should be managed when lots of people start living according to their Divine Destination. Who will work in the factories, who will provide our food etc.

Why are there so many humans?

It is difficult to understand.

There are many humans on the earth, yes,

and yet with not so many are you.

You live several lives at the same time

This is a dense time, and many souls

want to experience it intensely.

You can, in this density, live more,

-maybe up to 100 or more- lives

at the same time.

It is not difficult for you to be divided

when you are not aware.

When you become aware more and more,

the earth will have to house fewer and fewer

biological systems -humans.

It is vital that you transform and

don’t put such a strong burden

on the available resources.

When you start to live according to

your destination, you will not stop

working. Indeed, no, your work

will be more efficient as it is

done with true love.

The concept of re-incarnation

is a very tricky one.

You, with your thinking culture,

can only think of it in a

time-linear structure.

The truth, however, is different.

Re-incarnation is the wrong word, really.

It should be called multiple presence

or faceted influx.

This influx of life-form and

opportunities of experience is

quite differently organized

from what you imagine.

We will explain how when you

have more time, but we can give you

the image of a multi-dimensional space,

where you, who live in space-time,

can only perceive faint fragments

of different dimensions

as aspects of time.