Surrender, give back what you cannot own.

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Thursday 11th April 1996

The Twelve, the symbolical twelve followed a Man they couldn’t understand.

The Man who lived to preach a freedom of power, to preach and to heal the darkened will of humans.

How could they understand Him when his lesson was that humans should turn themselves to God (in these messages God is feminine AND masculine, or rather the two integral) and live accordingly?

Humans have a tremendous drawback from other living creatures: they can think.

This thinking is also a force that can change the world drastically toward the Lord. The Word of the Lord can be understood through this force, but should not be dissected and analyzed.

There lies no true virtue in the discovery of mathematics; the structure of matter and physical energy; and the rational analysis of language itself. It does not help humans to come closer to their goal, it does not help the world to float toward the Lord. However, you cannot turn back, you cannot undo what has been created through humans. It was all provided for through the will of God. God did not invent mathematics, He did not invent the structure of physical phenomena. He did not structure the brain nor did He structure the Universe.

God looks upon His creation that follows strange paths and lingers in a turbulent slumber.

 The Lord helps humans -and everything created- to follow the course of developments. You are there to choose. But choose wisely!

It is all much more simple then you all believe.

Who made you believe that the world is there to conquer? It is already yours. How then can you approach what you own but cannot have? You can only give it back to whom gave it to you. If you do that you will have the entire Universe, although it will not be the same any more. You cannot have the world as it is because you cannot have what is there to make you possible. If you would have the world to change it and to master it you would make your very existence impossible.

Oh, how much you want to understand everything you can lay your hands on. And how wise would it be if you could say I give the world back in your Hands, my Lord, for I cannot make it better.

How difficult, to master the small world that you created in your brain, and to return to your Creator. You have been made in such a manner that it is truly impossible to do so but if you do the impossible the world will be yours.

How cruel to be made in such a way?

How wonderful to be invited to give back what you cannot have. How wonderful to be freed of the burden that God put upon the world to give it a chance to come back to Her/Him, and love Her/Him freely.

Give, and thou shalt be given;

loose and thou shalt be lost;

Conquer and thou shalt be tyrannized.

Fear and thou shalt be feared.

Love and you will meet nothing but Love.

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