No names, neither inside nor outside

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Tuesday 9th April 1996

To what extend is what I write down bound to my own experiences and to my emotional- and rational structures? To what extend can I have contact with God and Spirit?

What is knowledge? What is asking, what thinking?

From the layer of Genesis (in a way this layer can be understood as the “skin” around all material energy events)  you are being thought into. Your experience and potential have formed you. The Great Thinking becomes thought-form in the small thinking.

The Great Thinking has no form, has no density, but is a field of presence. Everything you write down is you, but you are from the Lord and through the Lord. The Lord speaks and you receive. But neither from “outside” nor from the “inside”. The Lord speaks and you are His Word. The Lord creates and He is you. We, the messengers, “are” not outside of you nor are we inside you.

We “ARE”. But we are not somewhere.

We are in the Lord and the Lord is in us and He speaks through us. When you open yourself you can bridge the inside-and-outside, and you listen to the spaceless and timeless Being There. You give it words, just as the sunlight makes visible the flow of water. We do not dictate the words. We are however in the flow, that is God and flows to you. Your listening is praying and the prayer is God’s answer. While His Word is your question and you are His Answer.

How can you ask what has never been a question? How can you give names outside and experience inside what was always resting in itself? A membrane of restlessness vibrates in the wandering light of earth and is destined to break when the first drop of the full current touches it.

No more hearing, no more seeing, no awareness nor awe, only Love.

Endless, fathomless Love that completely transforms you and makes you holy, without ending, without beginning, without borders, with no ground nor sky nor horizon.

Being. Being.

Being’s being .

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